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A front porch chat with Joanna Jones

A front porch chat with Joanna Jones
We caught up with our own Joanna Jones on the front porch of her Macon, Georgia home one hot September morning. Below is a little from our chat…
What is the most challenging part of your job?
There are numerous challenges in my job but the most challenging for me is finding the perfect house for my clients – the perfect fit – that they will absolutely fall in love with and making sure they get that house under contract and the entire process is as easy and stress free as it can possibly be for my clients. It’s my personal matchmaking challenge!
And then it’s my listings. I totally feel like each one of them are my personal responsibility and I would say the most challenging is shining the best possible light that I can on them so that others will fall in love. I like to give them their own personality. If they are not being shown or selling I take it very personally. It’s finding the right fit and some times it takes longer than a seller wants it to take.
If you could tell a seller to do only one thing before putting their house on the market, what would it be?
The number ONE most important item I see that sellers should do BEFORE they list is to clean their house! Carpets and all! De-clutter and remember less is better!!!! So rent a storage unit or whatever you need to do to clear your stuff out!! I need to take my own advice.  LOL!!
What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given in regards to real estate?
The Best piece of advice I have been given in regards to real estate came from my Mother. I used to worry all the time about why a house hadn’t sold and what should I say to the seller if no one was looking. I knew I was doing everything that I knew to do. And my Mom would say “JoJo, it only takes just one person and they will come!”  I say that all the time to clients and I’ve seen it over and over. Just when you think it will never happen. Someone falls in love with your house.
She also said……. Enjoy Your Life! Don’t Hold Back!  Have Fun!!! And Celebrate Every Moment!
Where can you be found on a Tuesday night?
Hopefully on the tennis court‼️ That is my favorite night to hit, but of course it’s also a pretty busy day in real estate so I have to really work my schedule to be in my happy place which is hitting the ball‼️ I tell my clients that if I don’t take the time I need to play tennis – I will not be my best self and they need me to be at my best.
What keeps you up at night?
Late night calls with my sister Valli about all of the crazy things we see in this business. But I really do LOVE it. And I know that God is guiding me in this career. When things get hard God always brings it around. The Lord has always blessed me. Just when I thought I wouldn’t make a sale, the Lord would always bless me. I just don’t know how people do it without believing in Jesus. I truly owe all of my success to Him.
Who are you looking to for inspiration these days on instagram?
@realtalkkim She is the craziest! But she is great!