Sheridan Solomon & Associates, LLC.

Buyer Services


At Sheridan, Solomon & Associates, the buyer experience is just as important as the real estate choices you will make. Working with our individual agents gives you the best feel for the market and the freshest inventory available in the locations you seek.

We invite you to initiate a relationship with one of our knowledgeable, trusted Realtor Associates and discover your partner in your buying decisions.

Here’s what to expect in our one-stop, professional and personal Buyer Services:

  • Initiate contact to introduce and establish communication.
  • Provide information about the area.
  • Interview to determine needs, wants, desires, parameters, preferences, priorities, motivations, recreational needs, etc.
  • Offer to represent the customer as a Buyer’s Broker in the transaction. Explain all agency options.
  • Tour the geographic area to familiarize customer with area services, attractions and amenities.
  • Conduct a Home Search tour to find suitable properties that meet customer’s needs.
  • Critique homes as they are viewed to narrow down the list.
  • Prepare Offer to Purchase in accordance with the customer’s instructions, once a preferred property is determined,
  • Communicate with a relocation company as required.
  • Negotiate an acceptable offer and deliver copies to all parties.
  • Assist and coordinate applying for a loan and determining competitive rates and closing cost.
  • Coordinate all inspections and subsequent bids for repairs as necessary.
  • Negotiate with Seller to have repairs completed prior to closing.
  • Coordinate time and date for closing.
  • Attend closing and review documents as necessary.
  • Follow up after the closing to assure all has transpired according to the contract and the Buyer’s expectations.